Aerosolv® 7000

Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System #7000

Aerosol Can Recycling System, includes: Advanced Puncturing Device-Material Resistant Coating, Automatic Shut-off Valve, #7163 Combination, Colormetric Carbon Filter, Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles, and Aerosolv Counter

  • Safe, easy way to puncture aerosol cans and capture the propellant — minimizes waste and allows cans to be recycled as scrap steel
  • Eliminate an entire waste stream and reduce disposal costs by puncturing and recycling your aerosol cans
  • Accommodates domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Angled puncture pin — makes a clean, smooth puncture every time
  • Two-piece Combination Colormetric Filter (Colormetric color indicator changes color to indicate saturation) — filters out odors and potentially harmful VOCs
  • Will not accept cans inserted incorrectly — prohibits incorrect use
  • Unit mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum with standard 2″ and 3/4″ bung openings — released liquids are captured in drum
  • Sealing disk on compression spring — valve opens when can is inserted, closes when can is removed; minimizes vapors escaping through bung
  • Compressed seal knob on top plate — minimizes back pressure and fumes toward operator
  • Slide bar on can chamber includes lock — makes unit tamper-resistant
  • Entire unit is protection coated for easy cleaning
  • Verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

The Aerosolv Counter is now a standard feature on the 7000 and 7000XL systems as of December 1, 2012.

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