Paint Can Crushers

Container Recycling

Empty and crush half-pint cans to six-gallon pails in preparation for recycling or disposal with the TeeMark family of crushers. Paints, inks, stains and sealant can be recovered for reuse, and the container recycled. The crushed metal cans are reduced to a puck one-fifteenth of the original size.

This is the most economical crusher for the smaller quantity user who pours off the can contents prior to crushing. The unit can process up to 240 cans per hour. The operation is initiated by a double handle control valve. The 30,000lbs of crushing force allows you to double stack the one gallon cans and smaller so that you can process 8 containers at a time.

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The Super 6PM is designed for the smaller generator who would like to crush the container without having to remove the lids.  The piercer penetrates the bottom of the can as the crushing platen is indexing down and the liquids are ejected into a drum under the unit. Both M series crushers require only electrical power.

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The Super 6PJ performs like the Super 6P but it automatically ejects the crushed container into a collection drum or tote. This along with its automatic door opening feature and its crushing stroke shortener, increase throughput while reducing labor.

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Super 6PJ jVC Larry
This unit is TeeMark’s most versatile crusher since it can process half pints to six-gallon pails and 4-12” long aerosol cans. The unit operates the same as the Super 6PJ, but it also captures the VOCs and propellants and keeps them out of the work area. There is no need for a respirator. The collected gases can be directed to an optional G-3PTM carbon filtration system or sent to a thermal oxidation system.

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